Apr 142009

The most efficient way to keep/get fit, is diet.

I’m getting fit, just because I start having less for dinner, for almost all the nights I felt hungry before heading to bed, and all that I can do is having some water.

This is good – water helps keep body balance, eating less makes me fit, and keeping myself (semi-)hungry for all the time would make the stomach smaller (I guess), so I can have less for lunch/dinner in the future.

Get to get some numbers this weekend – I forgot to get them during the past weekend.

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Apr 142009

I don’t believe what I’m working can be a success, the only reason is the system is just too complicated to be successful.

I always believe, if something cannot be understand by a single person, then it will cause problem. You have to create documentation to describe the system, holding meeting to discussion inter-team issue, and coordinate all sorts of misunderstanding. This just doesn’t work.

I know market needs such a complicated system to fulfill advertiser/publisher’s requirement, but there are some other ways to get things done in a tidy way, it does not make sense to put all details in a flat structure, instead, shouldn’t we just create some hierarchy structure, hiding some low level details to upper level components?

I don’t know what’s the idea of doing this, current situation makes me feel like I’m developing a Windows system, and have to read all those specification for HD, NIC, while still need to understand why we need to provide that kind look and feel to compete with Apple, and thinking of security design as we want to beat Linux.

It just doesn’t make sense to me, I cannot imagine who’s in the team needs to know all these, maybe nobody.

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