Apr 272009

To install some new stuffs for vim, most likely you will have some vba file, run “sudo vim whatever.vba” and then do a “:so %”, things will be injected to system vim.

Just did it on my ubuntu box – I’m going to start server side ppcam stuffs.

Apr 272009

I do believe my sight is getting worse, things are fuzzy now especially whenever there is no enough light.

I think the problem is that I spent way too much time before my laptop and in case it is not beside me, I use my blackberry.

All these equipments have small fonts, and I think that’s the reason my eyes are overused. Now I will try to use electronic devices less than before, as I don’t have too much to do as before.

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Apr 272009

It’s pretty cold in the morning, I still need to open heater … Thinking of it is almost May, it is really weird.

It seems same thing in Beijing as well, people are still wearing sweater.