Apr 132009

I think I hit the wall now – it seems I have to do my own binding for DirectShow before I can proceed, but create a binding is not that easy especially I’m not quite familiar with either source (DirectShow) and target (Ada) areas.

I’ve tried c2ada, which seems doesn’t work well, tried dll2def and gnatdll, seems doesn’t help as DirectShow is based on COM, there are two more alternatives I can try – start from COM and use DirectShow as a regular COM component, or, find another Win32 binding which has DirectShow support.

I don’t know much about Claw or GWindow, but I just don’t like the thick binding. I will try my own binding first, and if I cannot make it, I will try to see if I can use legacy vfw to make things work, and only if that fails I will try Claw or GWindow.

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Apr 132009

I guess I will need this some day – to build resource into the executable.

  1. Edit and save a rc file, say, myres.rc
  2. compile the rc file by “windres -i myres.rc -o myres.o”
  3. Link with “gnatmake main-prog -largs myres.o”

That’s it.

I haven’t figure out how to make things work in GPS yet.

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Apr 132009

I admit I’m a fool, especially in front of Windows, or have to say, in front of Vista.

I spent 10 minutes but still haven’t figure out how to search a specific keyword in files’ content – I was trying to find out which win32ada specification file contains the definition of HRESULT, but obviously I was too stupid to use Vista.

So I’m now downloading Windows Service for UNIX so to get command utilities like grep and more, it will take a while to download (217M) but I believe it’s worth to take a try.

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Apr 132009

Godaddy created blog databases with some names hard to be remembered, I’m changing them to some easy format – creating new database, dump from old database, import to new database, and then change blog (wordpress) configuration files to point to the new database.

So far so good.

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Apr 132009

I just figured out Microsoft Office 2007 has the nice feature to export document to PDF format, so I asked for an upgrade and now I’m running 2007 now – 4 months later than my home desktop.

Obviously I’m not a heavy office user, I occasionally use Word and Excel for reading attachment from email, but I use Project and Visio a lot in the past couple of weeks, most because of the project I’m working on. It seems to me Office 2003 is still the old look and feel, something like Windows 2000 (yes, traditional Windows), while Office 2007 is having Vista-like UI, soft color all around.

Have to say, I’m slowly losing my keen sense on technical stuffs, if I ever had some, this could be another story that I can tell later, or maybe never.

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Apr 132009

Checked in some new codes to PPCam svn – I removed the dependency on the bmp file, now the weirdness of the window is controlled by program.

Also created two sub-windows, one for preview and one for remote, next step is getting preview window works (showing local video), and after that I will make remote window works.

I did some code clean up as well, I think I need to do it again as current code organization is not so good to me.

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