Apr 092009

Seriously, I’m thinking about using DirectShow instead ov VFW to capture video, I know DirectShow will be much more difficult than VFW, but it’s modern technology from Microsoft and it was said it has more features, who knows if I need some of those features or not.

I found a DirectShow book a while back but never had time read it through, it was named as the best DirectShow book so I think I’d better spend some time on that, even just pick some pages so to get basic idea of how things are going.

I need to be prepared for potential losing job, it is no longer impossible now, so I’d better know more than less, anything seems to be useless could be pretty useful in the future.

I should learn some Java stuffs, I know 😀 .

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Apr 092009

It’s raining, really weird thing of it is April already, but it does not I don’t like it, actually I like all sorts of rainy days.

Traffic is an other story – after leaving office for an hour, I’m still crawling on Mission Blv. I don’t know how bad 680 is now, just wish I can get home before 8.

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Apr 092009

My daughter’s school is having music show today, and their misuc teacher told parents there are more than 20 languages being spoken in just 1st garde.

Hard to believe it, this is what I was thinking by the first time I heard about it. I know kids there can speek Chinese, Japanese, German, Russian, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, maybe there are 3 or 4 different Indian languages (I don’t think there are all 20+ Indian language speakers there), so there must be somethings else I never heard of.

I will try to dig out what they are, I guess some of them are European languages, as to me almost all European people have the same accent (other than British).

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