Apr 232009

My current project got postponed to next year, so I’m going to have something else to do, may not be that visible, but I believe I will have a life of leisure, more or less.

Seems the organization-wise we are still not settled down yet, there may be re-org later on, in a quater or two. Anyway seems my boss’ boss is pretty powerful in the whole organization, which will make our life easier.

Let’s see, year 2009 will be a interesting year.

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Apr 232009

I filed a ticket 6 years ago to request some configuration changes on one server from Yahoo! China, obviously someone fixed it already but didn’t follow the right procedure to close it.

Someone marked it as resolved just now and I’m glad to close it, funny thing is that the guy who changed the status is the one I’m working together in my new project.

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