Ubuntu 22.04

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Apr 262022

Ubuntu 22.04 was just released, I managed to upgrade my WordPress site (running on VM and only publish static site), it was not as smooth as I thought, there were quite some small problems here and there, but eventually it worked after like 4 hours of troubleshooting, and so on.

As a side note, I no longer running Parallels since I found it tricked me to subscription which involves $79.99 per year, luckily I noticed the weird charge on my credit card so was able to cancel it the same day. I’m running my VM on UTM now, I didn’t notice performance difference between UTM and Parallels, though Parallels does provide more convenient features like desktop integration, snapshot, etc.

I think I’ve been running Ubuntu since 10.04, but I’m seriously thinking of moving away from it now due to snap, there are more and more applications over Ubuntu dropped deb support and are solely on snap only, I don’t mind a distro changes its package management tool like yum to dnf, but I just don’t want to have 2 package management mechanism at the same time.

I may not run Fedora as I need LTS, I cannot choose Rocky as it (actually RHEL) lacks of aarch64 support. Most likely I’m going to play with Debian or Arch.

Move to static site

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Mar 042022

Several things happened in the past a couple years so I moved this blog site to static, some major issues lead to this change:

  • Google is no longer my preferred service provider, so I’m moving away from AdSense and Analytics
  • I’m no longer actively writing so I don’t expect people interact with me through this site
  • Google is going to stop G Suite legacy so I assume they will stop GCE free tier soon, which I’m running this site at

For now I have an VM running Ubuntu with WordPress installed, I launch the VM whenever I want to write something, then using Simply Static to generate pure static pages then copy to an Nginx server. The Nginx is still running on GCE but since everything’s static, I can easily port it to anywhere cheap whenever needed.

I’ve disabled most dynamic features during this process, like search, comment, AdSense, Analytics, etc. There may be some features that are currently broken, I will fix them whenever I know.

Feb 222015

I need to find out a good configuration to fail2ban attackers who targeting my blog, I checked log and found that 404 may not be a good indicator as some themes have 404 for all the time, I will check to see if I can use non-media resources to do rate-limit like solution.

Aug 022013

I could not see ads from Google AdSense in the past several weeks, but weird enough, I still have revenue :P. I changed to another AdSense plugin but it’s still the same. I don’t think Google’s service is having problem, especially for this long, so it could be either my account is having problem, or Google knows it’s me so refuse to show me ads, or my IP is blacklisted (both office and home? cannot be …).

Anyway, will keep watching this for some time but it’s definitely not urgent and important … I think all I’ve got from Google for more than a year is less than $10, sure, it’s not Google’s problem, it’s me not getting the site popular :D.

Jan 102012

I know this could be a crazy thing, but why not? Especially I have a Mac in hand so that I can do both at the same time.

Since I know almost nothing about either, and I’m not good at client side development at all, so I started with a not-that-complicated open source software, WordPress for iOS/Android. It’s good to see WordPress is almost the same on both platform, this will help me a lot in future work.

The bad thing is, WordPress does not have too many features, such as animation, and so on (sorry all that I know about “fancy” is animation …), so I can only learn basic coding stuffs, but I think it is good enough for now. Anyway it is a API based “flat” App, which has a pretty wide market – think about Amazon AWS manager (I need this), E*Trade App (I’m using this), and GMail client, etc.

Dec 272011

Let’s see what we have now from the Christmas – a Bambook, a Kindle, a Kindle Fire, a Samsung phone (running Windows Phone), pretty much all popular mobile devices are in my house now (yes, iPhone and iPad came from last year).

I can say all mobile OS’s are good enough, though iOS is having better operational features, Aneroid is rich of free Apps, and Windows Phone is just … cute? Sorry I don’t know what can exactly describe it, but its look and feel is nice.

I think I need to spend some time follow Windows Phone while playing with iOS and Android, will be busy.

(This post was sent from Kindle Fire with WordPress App for Android.)

Jan 122010

I’m moving back to Blackberry, so I can have something to play with to kill time.

It seems Blackberry’s application improved a lot, the UI is much more convenient and functionality is rich enough. I’ve installed gtalk, Yahoo messenger, and Live messenger, gmail, twitter, wordpress etc, and still trying to find more fun things.

The wordpress application is really cool, it could be the best wordpress app I’ve ever used.

Aug 142009

I’m running 2.8.4 now, and the new version is for security fix.

Seems running non-mu WP is pretty easy to be upgraded – my another wpmu setup is still far away from current branch, I will check to see if I can fix it during the weekend.