Aug 082013

It was just for fun, and this would be a good exercise for potential migrating my AT&T phone to some other images – I need hotspot feature but it’s a premium feature from AT&T …

Back to Kindle Fire, the process was pretty simple – root it, flash with new root image and gapp, that’s it. However, after that it seems some Apps are not that stable, crash or slow respond from time to time, though some other Apps run smoothly. I’m not sure so far if it is problem from Apps (i.e. compatibility issue with Jelly Bean), or it is Jelly Bean I was using is having problem with Kindle Fire (incompatible or poor hardware). I will play with them for a while and post here if I see anything interesting.

Jan 172013
  1. You have to have a rooted Android installed
  2. Download the zip file from here, the version is 1.7 at time I’m working on that
  3. Install some sort of terminal emulator on MK802III
  4. Launch “ROM Flash Tool.exe” from the zip archive you downloaded in step #2, it will tell you “No Found PKAndroid rock usb” (What a horrible English!!!!)
  5. Launch the terminal emulator on MK802III, run “su” then “reboot book loader” while it is connecting to your computer (the micro USB port on MK802III side), the MK802III will get into boot loader mode and the “ROM Flash Tool.exe” should show “Found PKAndroid Loader Rock Usb”
  6. Just click the “Flash ROM” button, it will take 2~3 minutes, and after it’s done, MK802III will automatically reboot, now you have the new ROM running
Jan 172013

Refer to Recover a bricked MK802III for requirements, plus you need a micro SD to transfer the update file

  1. Download the zip file from here
  2. Unzip the zip file, you will see “”, copy it to micro SD
  3. Move the micro SD from your computer to MK802III, it will automatically recognize the update image.
  4. Follow instructions on the screen to finish the upgrade, this will take 3~5 minutes and the stick will reboot couple of times
Mar 112012

Good to see all connected devices are getting the right time today, and what I need to do is adjust three analog wall clocks.

I read another post, cannot recall details, that somebody had built and been selling Android watch. I think having a Android watch is not that useful unless it is a watch-phone as well, since people still prefer connected on their way, but if some one can build a Android wall clock and use wifi to connect, that wil be great, isn’t it? Think about it – I used to put my cell phone, pad, and laptop in another room while I was watching TV (this makes sense, isn’t it?), and used to forget what I should do which was set up in Google calendar, now if a wal clock can remind me (it’s just there on the wall), that will be great, isn’t it?

Will search around …

Feb 142012

The AWS App on iOS is pretty much done, at least I have made readonly part of S3 and EC2 works, and I don’t think write operations (create, update, delete, etc) are feasible to mobile phones.

I’m moving to Windows Phone now, trying to build up similar App in term of functionality – I’m not sure if I can build things with similar UI since different app store may have totally different tastes/rules on UI standard, better follow what they asked for.

I wish Windows Phone development will be easier thinking of I’ve done .Net/Visual Studio development before, let’s see – I give myself 2 weeks, and will spend no more than an hour per day.

Actually I tried both Android and Windows Phone the other day, trying to get basic idea of development. Obviously I don’t like Android, either because of I’m not a Java fan, or because of ugly interface of Eclipse – it may only be that ugly on OSX though, but I don’t have space (read: memory) to launch such a fat IDE in my Windows VM so leave it to the last.

Jan 102012

I know this could be a crazy thing, but why not? Especially I have a Mac in hand so that I can do both at the same time.

Since I know almost nothing about either, and I’m not good at client side development at all, so I started with a not-that-complicated open source software, WordPress for iOS/Android. It’s good to see WordPress is almost the same on both platform, this will help me a lot in future work.

The bad thing is, WordPress does not have too many features, such as animation, and so on (sorry all that I know about “fancy” is animation …), so I can only learn basic coding stuffs, but I think it is good enough for now. Anyway it is a API based “flat” App, which has a pretty wide market – think about Amazon AWS manager (I need this), E*Trade App (I’m using this), and GMail client, etc.

Dec 302011

HTC G10 reminded me to upgrade Android and after ~20 minutes I’m running 2.3.5 now.

Well, not that much improved from my limited experience except some cool UI effects, I will spend some more time to figure out if there is anything new or fun.

Dec 272011

Let’s see what we have now from the Christmas – a Bambook, a Kindle, a Kindle Fire, a Samsung phone (running Windows Phone), pretty much all popular mobile devices are in my house now (yes, iPhone and iPad came from last year).

I can say all mobile OS’s are good enough, though iOS is having better operational features, Aneroid is rich of free Apps, and Windows Phone is just … cute? Sorry I don’t know what can exactly describe it, but its look and feel is nice.

I think I need to spend some time follow Windows Phone while playing with iOS and Android, will be busy.

(This post was sent from Kindle Fire with WordPress App for Android.)