Jan 292010

It’s a super busy week – I believe it’s the busiest week in the past couple of months, but hey, vacation is ahead :D.

Suddenly I have so many meetings to attend, and seriously discussing about how the new project will look like. Also another project got some serious issue and took me quite some time to help them digging out the root cause.

Anyway, I will take vacation next week, actually it’s from this weekend :-$, wish I can have some good rest, recharge myself, and do better in the week after.

Jul 182009

The ADSL @ my parents’ house was crappy – it disconnected every 2~20 minutes, which made it impossible to me to get things done.

Technician from the carrier came on Friday and did all sort of tests, and pointed out the ADSL modem is the one to be blamed. However, they don’t have anything in stock so I have to get my own from a shop.

It was the afternoon with thunderstorm, I decided I would like with the bad connection for a day or two instead of risking myself stuck somewhere around (yea, flood in downtown and traffic was super bad), anyway it was just half a day, and after I replaced the broken one with the new one I got, everything works like a charm.

Alright, I have my connection again, and (re-) started my so-called boring life by surfing online and checking emails … yes, there were more than 3 people told me I’m wasting my vacation and I sort of agree with them.

Jul 072009

Since I don’t have much to do this week and I cannot go anywhere, I decided to learn some Lisp stuffs as it does not need too much online resource, well, sort of.

Jul 032009

Pretty busy – reviewed bug list for next patch, group lunch for the first time in the past 6 months, some follow up triage after last week’s launch, arrange all vacation auto-response, and notify some other teams the arrangement while I’m not here, and so on.

I will pack tomorrow.

Jun 152009

I’m going to take a vacation in Jul and Aug, for 4 weeks.

Try to be nice to myself, take some rest and enjoy life, or try to.