Apr 102009

I changed robots.txt and start allow spider/crawler/robot crawling my blog.

I disabled it whenever I first setup this blog, as this is a paid service with quota, and I don’t want to overspend or get my service suspended in mid-month. After 2 or 3 months run godaddy shows that every month I’m utilizing less than 200M bandwidth while quota is 1,500G so I guess I can allow search engine index my blogs.

I don’t know how much use information I have here, in another blog I no longer update (actually it is shutdown already) I have something useful for setting up a Linux box, as I use blog as my notepad. Since I now longer running my own Linux (not 100% true, but none of my Linux boxes are publicly accessible), so I won’t do too much sysadm stuffs.

Let’s see if I can make my blog a Ada + Windows resource center, it’s nice to help others.

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Apr 102009

Reading everything I have for DirectShow and Ada, hundreds pages, enough for killing time during the weekend.

There is not much to do during the weekend other than yard work (need to plant some new flowers) and reading, but once I have time I want to re-think about the project I’m currently working on. There are way to many uncertain parts in the system, from functional requirements to technical support, and people are becoming uncertain as well. Also, I need to spend time reading related docs if I do want to make those functional/technical details clear, so again it is about reading.

I’m not good at reading for all the time, people tend to agree I’m good at troubleshooting, especially with partial information. However, I’m losing that ability now (or actually I’m trying to hide?), so I’d better learn something new to keep my job.

Let’s start reading. 😀

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Apr 102009

We will move back to 3rd floor next week, the new cube plan is pretty open that almost everybody can see what you are doing, so I picked the cube closest to the hallway, at least I won’t bother others whenever I’m in and out.

The biggest change is no privacy at all, good to the company as everybody has to at least pretend working on business. There are something I can no longer do after moving back, include:

  1. Long talking to personal friends
  2. Play with Ada, Ubuntu, or any other non-work related technology
  3. Surfing … actually I didn’t do lot

I’m going to leave non-urgent stuffs to home hours, if there is anything I have to deal immediately, I will find a conference room and get my privacy from there.

Last time I sit right beside hallway is 5 years ago, in 3 months I left the company, let’s see how long I can survive this time. 😀

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