Aug 212009

I didn’t post anything here in the past couple of days as I was busy on pys60 stuffs, pretty fun and made progress.

Here are some issues I solved or partially solved (say, work around), some of them may look stupid to experience S60 or Python developers but thinking of I’m new to both …

  1. Access point selection, old version used to ask for selecting access point once it’s trying to establish connection to server. Some articles saying by import btsocket module as socket will solve the problem, but actually it does not work. The right solution is using the new feature from pys60 1.9.x (I believe this is the right version), that is, socket itself not support set_default_access_point, which is similar to btsocket’s method in same name, but taking name of the access point (the string) as the parameter which is actually more convenience than btsocket
  2. It seems loading time is really long (well, depends on how many modules to be loaded), so put something like a appuifw.note(“something”) at the very beginning, just after one import appuifw (remember don’t import all other modules) is much more user friendly
  3. combo in Form is way too hard to use, you have to have access to the combo value through form object, which is not convenience at all
  4. e32dbm … support string ONLY, and better encode/decode everything with utf-8, otherwise it will be all sort of problems to sync up the encoding.

There are some other minor findings such as different between list (it’s an array!!!) and a map. However, I’m still having problem in dealing with UI, at this moment I want to have a tab with two text boxes, one for showing the conservation (in and out messages), and the other one used to input message. I haven’t got any ideas how to make it, so far. It seems Canvas is the direction, but output text with line wrapping is way to hard to do to me.

I will post things here once I get any progress, but I would like to guess that won’t be significant in near future.

Aug 172009

Hey, I’ve made good progress on E90’s IM (jabber client).

There are two threads that I’m currently working on, one is UI stuffs that I got everything from a book, the other one is XMPP protocol that I got information from xmpppy project’s sample (and yes, I’m using this project now as it seems to have minimum external dependencies). UI goes well, though I haven’t done anything in real yet, and I just made some good progress with XMPP protocol – I’ve been able to log into my test accounts and send/receive messages.

Now I need to speed up the UI progress as I need some basic UI so to make things working smoothly (such as now I have to shutdown my handset to quit the test program, which is SUPER ugly). I will check around and if there is nothing useful than that, I will register a new project on sourceforge, and wish this becomes my second product-level project (1st one is the mail alert but I’m no longer using it).

Psiloc Wireless Presenter

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Aug 122009

Finally I got wipresenter installed – my E90 just cannot send file to my laptop through bluetooth, and stupid Psiloc didn’t offer the direct download of the small exe for Windows, so …

Anyway it’s working now, I didn’t try the presentation feature, but showing things from handset on the computer is pretty cool.

BTW, I was thinking bluetooth trechnology is pretty well standardized, but obviously it is not and seems won’t be in the future.

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Aug 082009

Now … Python time again, since it seems to be the easiest way to develope some leisure stuffs for my new E90.

So here are things to be installed:

  • ActivePython for Windows, at this moment need to use 2.5.x
  • ensymble for Windows, I’m using 0.28 (for Python 2.5)
  • openssl for Windows, remember download
  • pys60, current version is 1.9.7, this (the sis file) is for installing to my handset

Install pys60 to handset is pretty straight forward, except you may have to deal with certificate, etc. – check those Symbian forum please, I don’t think my solution is the best (allow to install any software and don’t check certificate at all).

Now, install ActivePython on Windows box by following instruction, then create a directory for ensymble (let’s say C:\Ensymble), unzip the to that directory (all 3 files in total), and then the – I changed the name to so that I need to type less whenever I want to use it. As the last step, put C:\Ensymble to your environment variable PATH.

After everything’s done, let’s try the first Python application for Symbian – pick an open source application from PyS60 Application Directory, and build it. I was using Magic Video as my first test, download the py file, put it somewhere and then run: py2sis –uid=0x98765432 –appname=”MagicVideo” –caption=”Magic Video” –version=1.0.0 magicvideo

you will get a .sis file in the current directory and that can be installed to handset.

Remember use uid >0x7fffffff, I didn’t pay attention to the warning message on the screen and this costed me almost half an hour to figure out why the application cannot be installed.

Jul 202009

I’ve been looking for IM client that supports multiple protocols on Nokia E90 but so far I haven’t got anything good, for free.

It seems IM+ is a good candidate but thinking of it’s not free, I’m hesitate to give it a try, I will keep looking for another day or two and if I still cannot find anything good, will give IM+ a try.

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Blogging from E90

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Jul 192009

I’m blogging from my E90 now, using Wordmobi. The installation was pretty smooth altough I spend sometime on getting the right version of Python for S60.

It currently does not support tag, but it’s not a critical feature anyway, so I’m pretty happy with it. 🙂

Posted by Wordmobi

Jul 182009

This is an old model, but I’ve been expecting for it for quite some time.

Now I have one in my hand, it is pretty much what I want for all these years 😛 – QWERTY keyboard, wireless and cellular connection, display is big enough, and, phone is big enough :D. Pity it does not support 3G on AT&T, but I guess EDGE will be good enough since I was on it with my blackberry.

I haven’t found enough software for it, but at least I have putty now so anything else could be delayed (yes, I’m still looking). Now I want a good connection manager (say, switch between wifi and cellular network automatically), some games (boring games to kill time), and I need a good Jabber client (or a multiple protocol client). Sure I wish all these can be free, but I will pay some if they are good.

It’s weird to me that Microsoft has their messenger client on Symbian, while Yahoo and Google don’t have one. If I understand correctly, Symbian is one of the major competitor of Windows Mobile, so what’s the logic behind all these?