Apr 012009

I’ve created the main window (support close only 🙁 ), and added codes to make sure there is always only one instance running (CreateMutex), as running multiple instances of P2P programs will be just a mess to me, hard to understand.

The problem for now is, the PPCam application always has a command window, I have no idea where it comes from, have to check around.

Also, I need to find documentation that explains “use type”, I’m trying my best to avoid using “use <package>” as I want to explicitly specify what the owner package is, because I’m still learning the language now thus better to know where come all those definitions.

I will check in the source code once I solve the command window problem, it is a must.

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Apr 012009

Something new from RIM – Blackbetter App World, I just tried it out and it has a facny interface, looks great, but speed is not so great, I don’t know who to blame,  could be RIM who’s not doing the best optimization, or AT&T who’s providing crappy 3G network (is it 3G? I always doubt), or our office building which is located at the wrong place or built with bad material.

The key problem to me from RIM regarding App World, is it does not have enough applications, especially free applications. There is not a good eco system for Blackberry’s application development – although the development tools are free, you still need to apply for fee-based registration if you want to access certain features of your mobile phone. I believe RIM is trying to make sure any applications running on Blackberry is well certified, but it limits the contribution from enterprise only, at least I stopped programming for Blackberry after I found this.

Everybody is talking about how Apple’s iPhone App Store works, it was said you still need to have certified by Apple before you can be listed there, which is perfect resonable to me, but I doubt if Apple is putting any restriction on development side.

Open strategy is always working, if you can attractive freelancers to do the development, that will be great.

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Apr 012009

I’m checking a production issue (latency high), while preparing for the new project (playing with documents), and doing some consultant jobs (production triage, performance weirdness, etc), then yes, I’m still thinking how to make my Windows Ada program works. 😀

It seems I will need a package for so-called application, which is actually just WinMain and create the first window. All windows being used within the application should be individual packages, and they are hooked up together by CreateWindow or similar calls. There should be some specification-only packages that contains commonly used constants/types, and it would be used by all packages.

I still need to learn how to pacakge Ada stuffs, I guess what I’m talking above is pretty a C/C++ solution, though it may be suitable to Ada as well. I’m going to try it out anyway, as without a try nothing would happen.

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Apr 012009

I cannot believe it took me only 40 minutes to get to office in early morning, it’s amazing.

I know it may also mean economy is not doing good, so I SHOULD expect traffic jam.

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