Apr 172009

The moving process is really faster recently – I got my desktop back in ~20 hours, yes, less than a day, compare with ~48 hours in old days.

Not sure how they make this progress, but this really improve the producitivity a lot.

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Apr 172009

I think I used to need powerful computers till last year, as it seems computing ability would never be enough, either desktop or server. However, I think I changed some recently, maybe after I got 7 computers at home.

Now I want something small – if I’m going to buy either a laptop or desktop in the future, size matters the most. Powerful is still important, but thinking I haven’t run out of capacity (well, maybe memory, but after all machines are running at least 1G, no more).

I wish new desktop can be launch box size, server can be credit card size, and laptop can be book size. I know my wish on server may be ridiculous, but thinking of there are so many tiny Linux boxes around, it is possible.

Let’s see – I think we will get new computers in a year or two, it won’t be hard then.

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