Sep 182014

I’m not sure what I’m going to build yet, but it should be something that could make my ops life easier, I don’t think it will be automation tool, as the best solution for automation is command line (script).

Maybe something regarding to monitoring? Building up a dashboard will be interesting, though most people may use Web page instead.

Still thinking …

Jan 102013

50G free space –

I wish it can have a client like Google Drive or SkyDrive, that simply sync up a folder on the laptop, and I also wish it can have a iPad App (or HD, whatever) so that I don’t have to run iPhone app on my iPad, I wish it does not set my uploads to public bu default, but …

after all, it is still a great product thinking of 50G free storage, and it’s a developer friendly service that even I can understand their protocol 🙂 .

I’ve applied for a dev account and will try to build up either desktop app or ipad app for my own.

Oct 262012

Here is the to-do list for the mail/IM setup:

  1. IM message archived to mysql, but need to compose session to mail and drop to mail box to make backup more reliable (mail will be automatically copy to some gmail account)
  2. mail alert is not done, current stage is that I need to determine the right XMPP message type to use, logic-wise I’ve done the design
  3. need a quick design on mail seaerch
Jul 262012

I’m going to code some samples for following feathres:

  • Authentication
  • Captcha
  • Rate limit (on web pages)
  • OAuth (facebook, twitter, google+, etc)
  • Payment (PayPal for now, not sure what eles)

The idea is try to reserve enough code slices for future use.

Jul 262012

We are in the design phrase of a new product, since there are lots of features and it seems they can group up to twitter-like, blog-like, forum-like, mail-like, and so on, so we started looking around for existing open source products to fit in.

I was thinking about this while driving home last night, and a interesting idea jumped into my mind – maybe I can use my knowledge on mail system to contribute some stuffs.

Then this came to my mind – whenever all you have is a hammer, then everything else in the world would be a nail. I know this is not a praise, but I don’t care, I just want to do everything through an existing mail feature, or a little bit tweaked mail feature.

I’m going to write a series to see if I can make everything popular in this world (SNS, Mobile, etc) built up mostly on a mail system, “mostly” means at least 80% of the features. I’m not going to try to replace systems/infrastructures that support mail running, like storage, authentication, etc, since that will make things ridicolous (chicken and egg problem). I’m going to assume that there is a running mail system already, and I’m going to try my best to build everything else based on mail.

This is totally for fun, don’t follow this approach for your production system. ;-

Apr 202012

I’ve been spending time on various projects in the past several weeks and “context switch” took me way too much time than I was expecting.

So I decided to get things a little bit more sorted, say, consolidate technical platforms to some level so that I can share knowledge among all projects so to reduce the time spending on thinking and searching for solutions.

I’m going to stick on C/C++ for components development and PHP for web site, and use HBase as my backend storage solution. I still need to spend time on mobile platforms (yes, there is a “s” there since I need to cover Windows Phone, Android, and iOS), plus desktop include MacOS and Windows. So overall I will be working on C++/PHP over Linux, Object C on MacOS/iOS, and C# on Windows Phone/Windows. The last unsettled issue is I still have some applications written in Visual C++ (pure native code) and I’m not sure if I should migrate them, but so far just leave it there as I don’t have time dealing with Windows desktop yet.

Mar 222012

Obviously mmseg4j if great for Java, while libmmseg seems promising for C++, and for PHP … sigh.

I waste lot of time on xsplit, and found that it was doing great marketing as it shows up in almost all search result pages, but to me it just doesn’t work, and some others complained the same thing.

I found php-mmseg is working well, though it was no long active. Actually I believe well-written codes would need less maintenance (think about qmail), so as long as it works I don’t care too much.

Now I’m trying to move from Java to PHP to do the term extraction job, nutch and solr are great, but just too heavy to fit into my world.