Dec 102011

Life may be a circle, but I wish it is not a flat circle πŸ™‚ .

I’m packing now, walking in the nearly empty apartment I found that it looks like whenever I just moved in 18 months ago. I cannot believe I moved in so many stuffs that after several times of flying back to Beijing with big suitcase, plus 4 pack of clothes, and 3 boxes of miscellaneous goodies, I still have enough to fill up two suitcase that will fly back to Beijing with me week after the next.

I wish my career life won’t be a circle either but seems to be some sort of true πŸ™ . Good thing is that after acting as different management roles, I found out that I can deal with engineering and production jobs easier but not business positions, at all. However, 18 months experience gave me great confidence on dealing with brand new teams, while I was really not good at this in old days.

I wish my technical skills can be a circle πŸ˜› . I’m playing with NetBeans to do Android development, while Xcode for OSX and iOS. There is not much progress so far but I do wish I can pick client side development as soon as possible.

Jumping between US and China, I think the most significant change is that I’m now feeling comfortable with travelling around, even to a strange place.

Too much to say … in two weeks I’m going back to US, wish everything will be fine and I’m going to planning for my next 10 years.

Stay tuned.

Aug 132010

Hey guys, long time no see. I was really really really busy in the past month – yea, it is almost a full month.

What happened in the past month? Too many to tell all of them, but overall speaking, everything’s going well. I got a small team (will grow to a full size team in near future, at least I wish), product plan got orally approved, and contract had been settled.

It was a tough month actually, too many things to handle in parallel, by now I cannot recall what was the exact feeling, but I’m pretty sure it was exhausted or depressed.

Let’s move on to see what’s coming, I believe – yes I still believe – things will get better and better.

Jul 072010

I’ve been away from this site for quite some time, there is only one reason for thatΒ – BUSY.

I think I’d better put some time on this site as there may be still someone care about me and willing to read something here instead of somewhere else, so …

Actually I have no idea where to start – I rent my apartment which is close to my office (20 min walk one way) so now I walk to office everything which seems making my life healthier. I used to get some breakfast on my way to office but I may try to find something new. I’m still skipping most of my lunches, and for dinner I had it with colleague (that will be a rich dinner) or have it alone (most time, it’s just a bowl of noodle).

Weather here in Shanghai is horrible, but seems I can still live with it, since I spend more of my time in office or at home, which means I have air conditioner for almost all the time. The only tough time is whenever I went out for smoking, but anyway that’s not healthy so let’s take it as punishment.

Business wise … things are just ok. It’s a big company now so it is not the pure start-up model that I was expecting, but things are still moving forward and I’m feeling busy now – after almost 2 years of “nothing to do”. I’m hiring, but I failed couple of times to get a product manager, so I think I’m going to focus on existing people, try to push some kids to see if they can grow fast enough. Engineer wise it’s mixed – I have problem in hiring expert on mail protocol (SMTP, POP, etc) as it is not that popular now but I have no problem finding people who want to do backend stuffs (distributed storage, etc), I didn’t pay too much attention on front-end engineer as it won’t be too bad, but I need to grab at least on in the coming weeks.

There are some business deals that I’m working on but I cannot share with public, but they are all moving smoothly. The BD manager who’s working with me is really really really smart, helped me striked pretty good deals and moving things forward even faster than I was expecting. He got a girl helping him now, and I wish the rest of the business negotiation will be as good as before.

Back to product, I have to prepare product plan due to lacking of product manager. Good thing is that I can learn to prepare those stuffs though I’ve been reading those B.S. for so many times, bad thing is that it’s time consuming.

Pretty much everything that I have at this moment, I will give out more things later on, once I have some.

May 162010

I believe I have confused myself already … I current own almost all xiehang@somedomain email address, and I also have 7 or 8 domains to maintain, I did some mail forwarding plus some pop3 access so to make my life easier (means I don’t have to check all mail accounts), but it seems I’ve already confused myself.

I will check all my settings again, there should be 20 or so accounts to be checked. I wish after that I can have a tidy mail setup.

By the way, I’m posting this with my iPad in a starbucks. πŸ™‚

May 102010

Alright, I borrowed this from an animation movie’s TV comercial (I think it was Alice in Wonderland).

Now I have most of my office environment setup, which is good, I can access email, reading policies and tracking my requests, chatting to colleague over the OC (Office Communicator from Microsoft), all looks good.

The bad? The office is really crowded, well, everybody mentioned that we are going to move the the new building in weeks, so there is hope, but … it is still way too crowded here. And, because all conference rooms had been converted to office, so there is no conference room at all, then … people have to discuss around the cube, and you know technical discussion, right? Loudly speaking.

The mad? Man, I’ve applied for a laptop and seems I have to deal with setup again, and this is kind of “traditional” company that people used to work late in office, but nobody gets online after they go back home, this means if I want to chat with someone the only way is calling their mobile phone. However, I can enjoy this madness as I can spend my time looking for living place, etc.

Weather is not that bad, at least for now, I wish it can still be this kind of weather forever – not too cold, not too hot, green everywhere (better than Beijing for sure).

May 062010

I think I’d better write down day #1, week #1, month #1, and so on to track everything, or even better, write down something every week or even daily. Daily is hard to be true, though.

First day, everything is totally new. Boss told me that this is a company that is growing up, so all workflow, process, etc are still under construction, which seems to be a good experience to see things are growing up, but to me it’s not that fun :(.

Anyway, orientation is not that bad, since the company outsource everything to FESCO (I was almost confused with Beijing FESCO), and people from there are pretty nice, patient, and processional. It seems outsourcing is always a good solution for services, and obviously people in this city is good at doing service business, no wonder for sure.

After the orientation I had lunch with boss and 3 other people that got involved in “my” project. It’s kind of tough to me to catch up, especially in memorizing names … you know I told myself from time to time that I need to memorize people’s name, but obviously I’m not that style of people, so I’m still doing well. However, I found that I just need to interact with people, then I can make it easier – now I know the name of the HR, name of boss’ secretary, name of the production person and technical person who are currently helping my project, and tomorrow I should have meeting with them so I would behave better since I can spell out their names.

After the lunch here came the toughest task: setup my working environment, it’s really tough. I don’t know the reason but this company ask each individual, the newbie, setup machine and everything ALL BY THEMSELVES, from Windows installation to e-mail setup, and internal IM, printer, and so on. You know I’ve been in this industry for quite some time and I’ve been being an IT guy for a year or so (part-time though), but even with my experience it’s still tough. I have to say their documentation job is pretty cool, that if I have followed the instruction step by step everything should be fine, but …

Obviously they put my machine in a wrong cube so I didn’t have network connection at the very beginning (it was connected to the lab network), after moving to new cube I found that I mis-changed my password for Windows domain, while the correct thing is change everything in one run (domain, email, IM), then my IM didn’t work and it seems they didn’t enable my IM account, then I have problem accessing my email although it is just simple POP3+Outlook. After 5 hours fighting plus 4 calls to IT team, as well consulting someone else 2 or 3 times, finally I got everything up and running and it was 6pm already.

Boss came just on time, asking if I have everything settled down. Thanks god I didn’t lose my face so I was able to step into his office to talk about what I’m going to do in the coming weeks (actually, only two weeks since there will be a checkpoint after that). Other than setting up my team, digging out product direction (note, we were not talking about plan since the direction is uncertain), I still need to help some other teams, working as a consultant to see if they are doing the right thing. You know these are quite a lot jobs – hiring technical people AND production people, and some JD are still not available; doing research on current potential service provider AND looking for another alternative so that we won’t put eggs in one basket; helping monitoring system setup/development AND composing SLA proposal to customers as they asked for it, and after all I need to give a presentation in 2 weeks to show to big bosses what what we are going to do with my project and plan draft.

It will be two busy weeks to me, I also need to find out where I can rent a acceptable apartment, and I have dinner appointment with people from US (this is kind of building up network), and I will visit boss’ house.

Good thing is that hotel rental is paid by the company, so I’m thinking mabe I can leave house hunting job to the end of the month. Anyway I didn’t bring enough cash with me so I’m really poor guy now, living on creditcard :D.

Busy day #1, but by the end of the day, especially after talking to boss I feel kind of relax, since I know what’s in front of me and what I can do. I’m still in my old style – feeling confident after getting on board, since I don’t have any plan B so all that I can do is moving ahead.

Apr 302010

It’s time to start something new, am I ready for that?

Ready or not, new things are coming. New tasks are ahead and I will have to get it done well, but at the same time, some friends started to ignore (or care less) about what I’m doing and what I’m going to do.

Actually this is not that bad, right? As I can focus on doing my things and once things are moving smoothly I can have time to deal with friendship again … if it is still possible.

If you are a friend, stay tuned, I promise I will be back. πŸ™‚

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Apr 282010

I have finished 2 lunch sessions and there is still one (the last one) left for Friday, and after that I will be free of charge :-P.

Group meeting this afternoon, need to work from home tomorrow (to deal with some paperwork related to government), then I will be cleared.

I haven’t sorted out all electronic devices, but I’ve put everything on my table at home, seems it won’t be that hard to pack them.