Apr 022022

Read from reddit that JetBrains offer free license of their IDE to FOSS projects, applied, got approved in a couple of day, and I’m playing with Goland now. The process could be even faster if I expose my email over github.com, so JetBrains did not have to reach out to me for the verification (licenses bound to email).

I just used it for a day and still trying to change my mindset from VS Code to Goland although both are quite alike, something made me feel weird when I started with Goland includes it collapses “import” section by default, it feels so “java-ish”, and it does not automatically add/remove import whenever code changes, I also missed vim compatible mode as I use vim more than any other editors include VS code.

The screen looks a bit crowded especially when I launched debug, which is understandable as 1. there are lots of details to be shown during debug, and 2. I’m on my 13 inch Macbook Air. I’m going to try this on a larger screen and I’m also going to try if license works for Windows as well.

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  1. It turned out Goland does not play well with WSL, at least not as easy as VS code, I end up uninstalling Goland on my Windows laptop as anyway Mac is my main development platform.

    Goland works fine to me on a 27″ screen, the debug session layout is no longer crowded, I actually like Goland’s style on unit test and debug, provide enough useful information though someone else may feel it’s too verbose.

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