Jan 242012

This may not be a complete list, but so far I’m playing with all of them:

URL Space
http://www.adrive.com/ 30G
http://www.4shared.com/ 10G
http://www.cx.com/ 10G
http://www.mimedia.com/ 7G
http://www.opendrive.com/ 5G
http://pogoplug.com/ 5G
http://www.idrive.com/ 5G
http://one.ubuntu.com/ 5G
http://www.box.net/ 5G
https://devices.live.com/ 5G
https://www.free-hidrive.com/ 5G
http://www.memopal.com/ 3G
Jan 132012

It used to be one of the most reliable and cute (or cool?) service on the Web, but seems not any more.

I tried to move two of my sites to Google App, but had to give up because all sorts of troubles it gave to me. Yesterday I was able to move one site to it, but at the last step (to activate my E-Mail account, I guess), it kept telling my my Google account was webmaster@gmail.com and I cannot change it. I tried to move to webmaster@mydomain.com but failed due to it had been registered, and if I want to hook up with this existing account it told me that I need to use webmaster@gmail.com. I was totally lost of what I should do, so I simply removed my domain from it.

It seems Google needs sometime to finish the work of removing my site as I no longer can register it, so I tried another domain I own, which is currently running on some other service providers (free, as well). Now Google is doing much better … I mentioned much better because it simply give me “Server error” (I guess it is HTTP 5xx but I’m not sure), so I don’t have to go through all the registration process and stuck in some middle way, hehe.

So, good-bye to Google App, for now, I will come back and check things out later on, maybe weeks, maybe months.

BTW, it could be Google is not willing to provide free service any more, so Google’s technical team should not be blamed, isn’t it?

Nov 192009

I’ve made some progress, I want to write it down here so that I can follow up tomorrow (actually, today):

  • Python is not that easy, but it is not that difficult, I’ve decided to use wsgi plus web.py to do my web development, I think wsgi is the right way to go, but web.py is still a question mark – I picked it up just because it is simple
  • Tuned Apache configuration to make it support wsgi/web.py, actually I was thinking of finding something else which will be lighter, I still need to do some more research on that but since I’m using wsgi so I don’t think changing web server will affect anything, other than deployment.
  • I found a place to host subversion, freely. Using version control can easily track changes, and remote repository will make sure my stuffs are safe. Free service does not guarantee 100% reliability, but thinking of I have local copy already, it’s acceptable
Aug 312009

At the first glance VMWare ESXi is the right way to go for VM stuffs, but later on once I found out vSphere is actually not free, I got hit, after I reimaged the Vista box and turned it to a dedicated VM box.

After going through various sources, I decided to stay with ESXi for a while, because:

  1. It will be free to me for 60 days (well, another 58 days indeed)
  2. Xen is not that easy to be setup as I can see, need to learn more
  3. VMWare Go just announced today and I will take a try later on to see how it works

So far, running 6 VMs on a dual-core/3G mem machine is acceptable, I’m going to launch more tests on this box and will remove my VMs on Virtual box soon.

Aug 052009

Got a mail from MSN saying that they are going to stop offering free domain (registration and hosting) which comes from Windows Live.

It says I need to pay $15 a year to get private registration, hosting, and something else, I guess I don’t want it so just let it be.

Actually I believe Microsoft was wasting money – I register a domain a while back but never used it, at all.

May 202009

There are some promising features, the most important one to me is generate Ada specification based on C/C++ header files, this will give me a break on creating my own bindings.

Let’s see – their web site mentioned late May, so it could be just couple of days ahead.