Apr 162009

After some tough time dealing with DirectShow stuffs, finally I can preview video from my own web cam now.

There will be something to be tuned at this moment, like how to arrange the command area and video areas, but I believe I’ve overcome one of the most difficult stuff.

There are still three potential headache ahead:

  1. P2P communication, theoratically it won’t be hard as I did it before, but with Ada I have to deal with those UDP stuffs again, just now sure how easy Ada can handle it
  2. Stream video out, means I need to have my own filter, or, maybe I can find an existing one doing that, but again, I’m not sure
  3. Showing streamed video from the other side (the remote window), have no idea so far

A friend told me I can rely on existing protocols like RSTP or MMS, I have the concerns of violating copyright/patents, but I do some research before picking the protocol I’m going to use. At this moment I prefer some cross platform protocol, maybe all of them are, but again (yes, again and again), I’m not sure.

I will try to see if there anyone who can give me some hints on how to do the layout, by now, I will pause the development for couple of days, take some rest, as I’ve made what I promised (preview video by the end of this week). 🙂