Apr 052009

We are going to move back to 3rd floor by Apr 17, and we just finished cube allocation 2 days back.

It’s based on when you joint the company, so no surprise – I’m the first one to pick up a cube though I don’t care the location too much. The new floor plan is just an open area, so don’t think you can get a private or hard-to-been-observed place. Seriously, I’m thinking of sitting on the ground so that walls can be still high enough to keep me hiding, but I believe people around me will feel nervous thinking of how weird their neighbour is.

Sure bosses will have window cube, this is something stupid. Obviously there are some visible levels in the company, though we were told “flat”. So if you don’t want to check backyard to see who the guy is, you can just make yourself safe by being careful while talking to anyone sitting beside the window, how nice!

By the way, I just checked the org site, I’m #324 now, it was said after 10 years here you will get a espresso machine – it is just 10 months ahead to me 😉 .

Just with economy is getting better at that time.

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