Apr 042009

Slowly, I found more and more evidence that win32ada is based on really old Win32 APIs, be more precisely, it may support Windows 95 but definitely not Windows NT 4.0. I believe the mainstream Windows platform today is XP, with some Vista, so win32ada misses a lot.

I was thinking to create a new package to include those missing APIs that are necessary to my project, but turned out sometime it is impossible – some structures are not 4.0 compatible, so most likely I am still programming for Windows 95.

Now I am, seriously, thinking about creating my own binding, which supports modern Windows APIs, either Vista, or 2008. I can start with manually creating bindings that my project needs, then after making sure I’m doing the right thing, I can run those tools to create full set binding in a (semi-) automatic way.

I will try to avoid layered packages, as I don’t want to do “use” unless it is really necessary (such as “use type” for operators), but remembering where the definition comes from is really tough – WinUser? WinDef? WinGDI? I think they are just C functions stay in same name space, so should be safe to put them in same package.

I know it will be a super big package, but I don’t think people even want to know about it.

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