Jan 032010

Comcast has a $69.99 promotion for Internet and cable bundle, but they refused to give me the price as I’m their subscriber already, so I ordered DirectTV and get things installed.

Internet is way harder – AT&T does not provide service in my area, and all other providers (satellite) are way too expensive. Luckily, while I chat online with Comcast representative for canceling my cable service, he gave me a $29.99 offer (vs. current ~$50), so I accepted the offer, and stopped looking around.

I have to look at this again after 6 months, I don’t think anything will be changed then, I may take a look at wireless provider (AT&T or Verizon), at least make it a backup plan, so that I can cancel Comcast for some days and then subscribe again as a new customer.

Frankly speaking, I think maintaining TV subscription is a waste to me, since I seldom watch TV …