Jan 052010

It’s my 10th focal time :).

Will get name list ready tonight for peer feedback, and finish self-assessment tomorrow, then manager/peer feedback in the coming days.

Jan 052010

I wrote this post as I’m not quite happy with Comcast’s pricing policy (I’m not talking about the price, it is the policy), actually I know almost every service provider is doing the exactly same thing – give big discount to new users, while those attractive promotions won’t apply to any existing user.

I have to say something good about Comcast’s online team – I’m not sure which team it is, but seems there are bunch of people surfing online for all the time (with some tools) to find out any negative posts, and do follow up. I once read similar stuffs on newegg, that Asus reply to those who had negative feeling on Asus products.

I’m not going back to Comcast in near  future, but their online team’s performance really impressed me.

Pat pat. 😛