Jan 072010

New year again so I changed my password, but this time seems I picked a bad one.

6 characters need to be input by left hand on keyboard, while only 3 are on right hand side, and left hand is not that good at inputting :(. However, I cannot come up with any other good idea for a password so I have to leave it as-is for sometime.

Maybe after a while once I’ve input enough times, I will feel better.

Jan 072010

I was planning to get a bigger (52″ LCD or even bigger) TV in the living room, and move current 26″ CRT to bedroom, this can help me get rid of the bad habit of holding my laptop for all the time, especially before going to sleep.

However, after reading recent news I think I will hold the purchase for some time – news are talking about TV maker and cable providers could make 3D programs available for residential subscribers, which sounds really attractive.

I’ve booked two set boxes from Direct TV, I don’t want to waste the converter so I did some cabling, and hook one of them up with the desktop. The quality is not that great as I can only use it as analog device, because Microsoft’s stupid design on Media Center (search “IR hardware not detected” you will know what it is), but good thing is that now I can watch netflix and TV in same room, and 22″ LCD display is kind of acceptable.

I will wait for another month to make sure things won’t go crazy with new TV, and I may still go with an “old” regular TV if it doesn’t look too outdated.