Jan 052010

I wrote this post as I’m not quite happy with Comcast’s pricing policy (I’m not talking about the price, it is the policy), actually I know almost every service provider is doing the exactly same thing – give big discount to new users, while those attractive promotions won’t apply to any existing user.

I have to say something good about Comcast’s online team – I’m not sure which team it is, but seems there are bunch of people surfing online for all the time (with some tools) to find out any negative posts, and do follow up. I once read similar stuffs on newegg, that Asus reply to those who had negative feeling on Asus products.

I’m not going back to Comcast in nearย  future, but their online team’s performance really impressed me.

Pat pat. ๐Ÿ˜›

Jan 032010

Comcast has a $69.99 promotion for Internet and cable bundle, but they refused to give me the price as I’m their subscriber already, so I ordered DirectTV and get things installed.

Internet is way harder – AT&T does not provide service in my area, and all other providers (satellite) are way too expensive. Luckily, while I chat online with Comcast representative for canceling my cable service, he gave me a $29.99 offer (vs. current ~$50), so I accepted the offer, and stopped looking around.

I have to look at this again after 6 months, I don’t think anything will be changed then, I may take a look at wireless provider (AT&T or Verizon), at least make it a backup plan, so that I can cancel Comcast for some days and then subscribe again as a new customer.

Frankly speaking, I think maintaining TV subscription is a waste to me, since I seldom watch TV …