Jun 202013

Actually this should apply to all “non-standard” window managers on Fedora – let’s assume KDE and gnome (maybe twm as well) are all standard WM per Fedora.

I’ve been away from Fedora for some time – left by 16 and came back by 18, I have to say, Fedora is moving more and more closer to Windows and away from Unix. Why? Think about it changed from service/chkconfig to systemctl, the only advance to me is that someone who’s relying on service has to migrate do systemctl, and developers have to maintain all these, and why don’t you take iptables and use firewall instead? I didn’t see the logic behind that, except – it’s building lots of “new features” to add to so-called feature list or selling point.

Anyway, let’s come back to xrdp. Although setup xrdp on Ubuntu is almost nothing, it takes me almost a day to get everything done on Fedora. Here are some hints:

  1. remember do a “sudo firewall-cmd –add-port 3389/tcp –permanent so that “dynamically managed firewall” can allow network traffic goes through, sound familiar? Yea, more or less like the Windows firewall.
  2. edit (most likely you need to create) /etc/sysconfig/desktop, with this line: PREFERRED=startxfce4, this tells X that xfce IS a windows manager …

And here is related pages for these issues:



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