Ubuntu 22.04

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Apr 262022

Ubuntu 22.04 was just released, I managed to upgrade my WordPress site (running on VM and only publish static site), it was not as smooth as I thought, there were quite some small problems here and there, but eventually it worked after like 4 hours of troubleshooting, and so on.

As a side note, I no longer running Parallels since I found it tricked me to subscription which involves $79.99 per year, luckily I noticed the weird charge on my credit card so was able to cancel it the same day. I’m running my VM on UTM now, I didn’t notice performance difference between UTM and Parallels, though Parallels does provide more convenient features like desktop integration, snapshot, etc.

I think I’ve been running Ubuntu since 10.04, but I’m seriously thinking of moving away from it now due to snap, there are more and more applications over Ubuntu dropped deb support and are solely on snap only, I don’t mind a distro changes its package management tool like yum to dnf, but I just don’t want to have 2 package management mechanism at the same time.

I may not run Fedora as I need LTS, I cannot choose Rocky as it (actually RHEL) lacks of aarch64 support. Most likely I’m going to play with Debian or Arch.

Jun 202013

Actually this should apply to all “non-standard” window managers on Fedora – let’s assume KDE and gnome (maybe twm as well) are all standard WM per Fedora.

I’ve been away from Fedora for some time – left by 16 and came back by 18, I have to say, Fedora is moving more and more closer to Windows and away from Unix. Why? Think about it changed from service/chkconfig to systemctl, the only advance to me is that someone who’s relying on service has to migrate do systemctl, and developers have to maintain all these, and why don’t you take iptables and use firewall instead? I didn’t see the logic behind that, except – it’s building lots of “new features” to add to so-called feature list or selling point.

Anyway, let’s come back to xrdp. Although setup xrdp on Ubuntu is almost nothing, it takes me almost a day to get everything done on Fedora. Here are some hints: Continue reading »

Jul 232012

I failed to upgrade a friend’s Fedora 15 last year so I left it running there untouched, however, Fedora announced EOL of 15, which means I have to risk leaving it up and running without any further patches, or I have to do an on site upgrade.

Personally I prefer an on site upgrade to make sure everything is up-to-date, but my friend may not like this as the rental (i.e. hosting) will be ended in less a year.

Anyway, waiting for reply now.

Jun 122009

While I was trying to upgrade a friend’s Fedora machine from 10 to 11, I found that the yum got some problems with mirrorlist file, which had been addressed with Fedora/yum guys, but so there there is no fix, just a workaround.

Then yesterday WordPress prompted there is a new version can be upgraded to, so I did … everything went smoothly, automatic upgrade, so fancy, but after upgrade – hold on, all my posts became PHP error message.

Obviously the new 2.8 does not support old smiley well, or at least it changed requirement of the smileys’ pattern. I haven’t found the root cause yet so I don’t know what’s the workaround so far, so I just simply disabled smiley and seems it works fine to me, so far.

I will post here later if I found anything.