Aug 092012

NetworkManager should be 2nd most useless thing on Linux (I give champaignship to SELinux).

Again this is NIS client setup, after everything setup, I found that the domain is messed up, obviously NetworkManager set domain to localdomain for some reason, it could be because of its default setting, but isnt’t good to leave this default value as a comment in configuration file? Anyway, I spent quite sometime digging into ypbind, nss, network, dhcp, stuffs, and finally – just disable the NetworkManager service, reboot the machine and everything went perfectly fine.

So write this down here – remind me disable NetworkManager next time if I install any Linux box.

Aug 072012

Time to play with Virutalization again, this time I’m using kvm on CentOS 6, which has pretty many documentation but do need to pay more attention on details – I was locked out of the box last night after changing the network setting (with mistakes for sure ๐Ÿ™ ), this should be avoided for anyone who’s going to do this. Again, stay beside your machine whenever you are to do the initial setup.

After network setup is done, everything else is pretty smoothy, just need to read lots of man pages to know syntax of those qemu and virt-* commands. I repeated several times by virt-install, then virsh destroy and virsh undefine, etc., then virt-install again. There should be some better way to change configuration for existing VMs but for me, it’s much more easier to run from scratch.

Now I have 4 VMs running on a 8-cores/32G box, it seems everything’s OK so far, but I need to do some more tests – especially performance test – before carrying on.

BTW, a VNC viewer plus ssh tunnel is a must to do the setup, since I still haven’t figure out how to auto-installation, i.e. touchless, or installation without manually involve the process.