Aug 232009

Just to mark here – this is the only one works for me:

I’m trying to migrate some VMs to the Vista Ultimate so that I can utilize all those 4 cores and 6G memory.

I need to test some mysql proxy and master/slave things, and better try it out in different environments.

Aug 172009

I believed the old video card from the HP desktop I purchased last year has no use at all so I threw it away about a week back just after I came back from vacation, but obviously I did something wrong.

Today I got a mail from HP saying that I can get that one replaced, pity I don’t have it any more, and have to mention – I did this while I kept telling myself “be patient”.

Unlucky again, but I will be more patient in the future to make sure I won’t make similar mistakes again, in other more important pieces of my life.

Aug 142009

When I was in Beijing I installed logmein on my mother’s desktop, and obviously this is a smart move.

Yesterday she got some problem with her computer (missing the shortcut to the camera folder), usually, it would take me quite a while talking to her to know what’s happening there and then spend half an hour or even more to get her understand what should be done to get things fixed.

Now, it becomes super easy – she knows how to enable logmein, and once she did that, I can get to her machine to check around and fix it right away (you know how easy it is, right?), and at the same time she can see what I have done to her machine so just in case she wants to learn some, she can ask questions and I can answer them right away.

This is a nice product, a great free service, I know big companies like Adobe, Microsoft, Cisco are all having similar products, just wish logmein can survive in the competition so that we can keep using it.

BTW, it supports Windows and Mac,both are running well.

May 252009

I’m moving my main working environment at home from company’s laptop to personal desktop, I wish this can help me away from work for enough time while staying at home, as life is not just working for the company.

It’s done already – everything got set up almost exactly the same as the laptop, except some IM accounts (I have too many IM accounts, I know, but 90% of them are for email only :D). Also, I’ve removed some personal development environments from the laptop, include Blackberry’s BDE, and Microsoft’s Visual C++ Express, I’ll remove GNAT GPS and Windows SDK from it after I finish code clean up over my laptop, sure I will not need Tortoise SVN to check in code after that, then company-issued laptop will just for company.