Jan 182013

There was a e-waste recycling event close to my house and I successfully dumped these: an HP jet printer, an IBM ThinkPad (the very first Windows tablet, or in some other name), an HP desktop (Pentium 4!!!), some keyboards and mouses (actually this is some sort of illegal I guess? As they mentioned “anything with a plug” but anyway …), a DVD player (I’m pretty sure it stopped working for quite some time). There are some other stuffs I hesitated to recycle because of this or that – a 1 mega pixel digital camera, 2 random brand cell phones (feature phone with color screen), two iPods, one camcorder, 2 LCD displays.

It seems the time to upgrade – the main desktop @ home is not performing quite well after upgrade to Windows 8, I’m thinking of replacing with a iMac, or a Windows 8 laptop … I don’t have enough machines to test cluster now and was thinking of virtual machine, but it seems better use some sort of mini PC so that I can test home automation as well (my dream … hard to come true without buying stuffs :D).

There may be more to come, let’s see.

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