Aug 172009

Hey, I’ve made good progress on E90’s IM (jabber client).

There are two threads that I’m currently working on, one is UI stuffs that I got everything from a book, the other one is XMPP protocol that I got information from xmpppy project’s sample (and yes, I’m using this project now as it seems to have minimum external dependencies). UI goes well, though I haven’t done anything in real yet, and I just made some good progress with XMPP protocol – I’ve been able to log into my test accounts and send/receive messages.

Now I need to speed up the UI progress as I need some basic UI so to make things working smoothly (such as now I have to shutdown my handset to quit the test program, which is SUPER ugly). I will check around and if there is nothing useful than that, I will register a new project on sourceforge, and wish this becomes my second product-level project (1st one is the mail alert but I’m no longer using it).

  One Response to “Making good progress with IM on E90”

  1. Progress (not significant, though): I’ve managed to be able to shutdown the IM instance on my phone, so that I don’t have to reboot it to kill the application.

    Sound not that impressive, but pretty important to improve my development performance. ๐Ÿ˜€

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