Aug 212009

I didn’t post anything here in the past couple of days as I was busy on pys60 stuffs, pretty fun and made progress.

Here are some issues I solved or partially solved (say, work around), some of them may look stupid to experience S60 or Python developers but thinking of I’m new to both …

  1. Access point selection, old version used to ask for selecting access point once it’s trying to establish connection to server. Some articles saying by import btsocket module as socket will solve the problem, but actually it does not work. The right solution is using the new feature from pys60 1.9.x (I believe this is the right version), that is, socket itself not support set_default_access_point, which is similar to btsocket’s method in same name, but taking name of the access point (the string) as the parameter which is actually more convenience than btsocket
  2. It seems loading time is really long (well, depends on how many modules to be loaded), so put something like a appuifw.note(“something”) at the very beginning, just after one import appuifw (remember don’t import all other modules) is much more user friendly
  3. combo in Form is way too hard to use, you have to have access to the combo value through form object, which is not convenience at all
  4. e32dbm … support string ONLY, and better encode/decode everything with utf-8, otherwise it will be all sort of problems to sync up the encoding.

There are some other minor findings such as different between list (it’s an array!!!) and a map. However, I’m still having problem in dealing with UI, at this moment I want to have a tab with two text boxes, one for showing the conservation (in and out messages), and the other one used to input message. I haven’t got any ideas how to make it, so far. It seems Canvas is the direction, but output text with line wrapping is way to hard to do to me.

I will post things here once I get any progress, but I would like to guess that won’t be significant in near future.

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