Oct 032013

I think it was in year 2005 or 2006 that I migrated everything from CVS to SVN, and it was the time that my company was doing that as well. Now I’m migrating to git, and of course, my current company is doing the same thing :P.

Guess everybody knows the reason … let’s say it’s offline support, that you don’t have to connect to sever to do commit. Further more, subversion does not work well on VirtualBox’s shared folder, while git has no problem at all, I guess people like me who needs to work on both *ix and Windows platforms have to have this kind of support.

And this is the time to see how many projects I have, WeirdBox is a great thing to keep thinking of I’ve play with the codes for several years, aws-browser is obviously another thing to keep thinking of it’s my first app on iOS and AWS (EC2 and S3), XMPP Mail Alert has to be migrated as I’m using it at this moment (for a friend’s web site). I cannot recall anything else but will post here if I find any.

And I’m using github, because of feel like safe? At least it’s not that vulnerable as other small players.