Mar 222015

echo package-name hold | sudo dpkg --set-selections

So that it will not be upgraded.

Reason: a package’s ppa has a brand new version that is not compatible with previous version, but since the new version is there so Ubuntu downloaded and installed the new version, and it made almost everything on my system broken.

Have to lock down that package, unless I’m so sure I can upgrade it.

Apr 082013

Finally I found this Debian Binary Package Building HOWTO.

Actually I’ve been searching online for sometime, however, most search results lead me to Ubuntu or Debian Wiki which are totally useless, thinking of they are using lots of (and different) tools plus need user interact with it.

On the other hand, the how-to page mentioned above did a clear step-by-step turtorial, without any fancy tools. Surely you still need dpkg package and lintian.

I’m also learning how to write a good how-to like this one, it seems learn by sample is always easier.

I guess now I understand why I don’t want to go to school again.