Jul 182009

This is an old model, but I’ve been expecting for it for quite some time.

Now I have one in my hand, it is pretty much what I want for all these years ๐Ÿ˜› – QWERTY keyboard, wireless and cellular connection, display is big enough, and, phone is big enough :D. Pity it does not support 3G on AT&T, but I guess EDGE will be good enough since I was on it with my blackberry.

I haven’t found enough software for it, but at least I have putty now so anything else could be delayed (yes, I’m still looking). Now I want a good connection manager (say, switch between wifi and cellular network automatically), some games (boring games to kill time), and I need a good Jabber client (or a multiple protocol client). Sure I wish all these can be free, but I will pay some if they are good.

It’s weird to me that Microsoft has their messenger client on Symbian, while Yahoo and Google don’t have one. If I understand correctly, Symbian is one of the major competitor of Windows Mobile, so what’s the logic behind all these?