Jun 222013

I hit this while reading some articles and found it is really helpful, one should check it before making any data store decisions.

To me there are several clear winners – redis/memcached for kv store, MongoDB for document store, and Oracle/MySQL for traditional RDBMS, and seems Oracle is a clear winner across corporations.

I believe what I decided to use memcached and then migrate to redis were both wise decisions, but I still doubt decided to use mongodb was a right decision or not. I will dig into MongoDB a little bit more to see if it got improved in the past two years for the issues I care, especially memory management mechanism.

Jan 222010

I “unfollowed” all Linux distros as they didn’t give me much useful information, I’m still following CouchDB, Cassandra, and MongoDB, so far their tweets are kind of helpful.

Also I subscribed to Cassandra’s user mailing list, lots of interesting topics there.