Jan 102010

Finally I finished it, the quality should be pretty bad as I can tell.

I didn’t do much in year 2009, it’s a pity to both the company and myself, wish things can turn better this year.

Jan 082010

It seems more peer feedback requests are coming, guess managers are trying to catch up the schedule as it was said today is the last day for asking for peer feedback.

Got 3 so far, done one, so 2 left plus self-assessment and manager feedback.

Just wish nobody’s going to send me more in the coming hours.

May 292009

Yesterday (actually, May 27) I encountered a pretty long “glitch” on http://libre.adacore.com, and was wondering either there were too many downloads that brought down the site, or AdaCore gurus were working on the site for the coming release.

I’m genius 😀 – it turned out GNAT GPL 2009 is ready today, I’ve been waiting for this version for quite some time, most because of the new feature that can generate Ada specification based on C/C++ header files.

I’m going to see if I can get Ada specification files for DirectShow stuffs, I believe this kind of feature works fine on *nix, but for Windows … I don’t have much confidence as Windows is at the bottom of the supporting list in open source world.

Let’s see.