Nov 242009

“not fast” is better than “slow”, so I think I’m making progress, better than before.


  • I moved to proxmox which gives me better VM performance so that I can have more VMs for my test, it did take me some time to dig out a usable solution. Now I’m running 4 VMs so I can test fail-over and bootstrap etc.
  • I moved to Python since PHP is not that popular now especially in all these new technology, I’m a code-by-sample guy, so while the whole world is writing codes in Java, Ruby, and Python, I don’t have many choices. I picked Python because I don’t want to run things like Tomcat, and built-in web servers does not convince me (I’m talking about Ruby).
  • I’ve done some simple tests but dealing with columns, etc., the test environment gives me reasonable performance number – 8ms per read/write.
  • I’m still learning Python and its web stuffs, seems not that hard to catch up though. I’m using which seems to be the lightest framework, I may be wrong but I don’t want to dig in more at this moment.

To-do list:

  • I need to figure out if Ubuntu is still the way to go for my virtualization environment, I’m worrying proxmox is not a major player in this area so it may ruin my long term plan.
  • I need to find out if there is any other better HTTP server, “better” here means: light, support wsgi.
  • I’m going to compose some test scripts dealing with super column, which is what I need to use for the statistic project.
  • Revisit original design, both schema and work flow may have some changes.

I would like to say, everything is on the track, though I’m not that fast. I will post updates after this thanks giving as I doubt if I will have time coding during the holiday.

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