Aug 312010

Got another new project yesterday, I will have to improve the performance of registration letter, which has pretty high failure rate on gmail. Actually gmail has less than 10% market share but what I was told is that all gmail users are sort of “opinion leader”, which means they actively blogging, or as a journalist, or whatever.

gmail believes they are cool, they don’t follow most of the conventions in this mail industry. However, since they take themselves as a hi-tech company, I’m going to solve this problem in hi-tech way.

Or, maybe I’m wrong – to beat hi-tech companies, you always need to use low-tech skills 😀

Aug 302010

I’ve been having trouble in launching Windows Live Messenger for quite some time and I had to use Pidgin to connect to my MSN buddies, finally (today) I decided to solve this problem and here is the quick solution:

I’ve tried and it works perfectly – after deleting the registry key under group HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MSNMessenger\PerPassportSettings, my Windows Live Messenger came back to work.

I haven’t read through though, not sure what’s the story beind.