Jun 242009

Found something cute – Here is a ASDF interface of Win32 for SBCL, seems I can create Win32 application easily with it.

So, I’m kind of away from Ada now since the new GNAT 2009 did not solve the Win32 binding issue, my work on Ada became a interpretter, that is, reading C/C++ specification of Win32 APIs, and then use Ada to rewrite them, I’m pretty sure I was bored with it so I slowered down the development.

Lisp … seems like a different story, the community is a lot more active (based on discussion in USENET), also there are more than one compiler/interpreter providers vs. one from Ada (yes, GNAT is great, but it’s GNAT only), I can see SBCL and CMUCL are pretty promissing, while a lot other providers are coming up.

I may go write the PPCam program again, with Lisp, I know I’m stubborn, but I just want to get it done, with any non-Microsoft, and non-Borland software.

BTW, I gave up the idea of finding an IDE, I’ll work on command line to build a GUI application 🙂