Mar 122012

I guess Solr guys will hate me as I posted 3 versions of patches to Jira, just because I didn’t (and I don’t) totally understand how Solr distributed search works.

However, I don’t care too much as I just want to leave some clues on the Web so that anyone who’s facing similar problem as I was (several weeks ago) can get some hints of how to solve the problem. I’m pretty sure everybody has his/her own idea of how to solve this issue since it is pretty particular to one’s domain, and my patch is a good start point.

I don’t want to speak out the name but the one who originally composed distributed search for term vector is … irresponsible. I don’t know if he/she did any test or not, or if he/she understand Solr or not, but that piece of crap got committed to source, proved “more eyes, better quality” just a joke.

Mar 052010

Sigh …

I got these two names by searching online and seems they are great products that can definitely solve some of headache I’m currently facing, however …

Then I found out that they are not open source at all, people just publish those articles for … show up?

Sigh …

May 202009

There are some promising features, the most important one to me is generate Ada specification based on C/C++ header files, this will give me a break on creating my own bindings.

Let’s see – their web site mentioned late May, so it could be just couple of days ahead.