Aug 082013

It was just for fun, and this would be a good exercise for potential migrating my AT&T phone to some other images – I need hotspot feature but it’s a premium feature from AT&T …

Back to Kindle Fire, the process was pretty simple – root it, flash with new root image and gapp, that’s it. However, after that it seems some Apps are not that stable, crash or slow respond from time to time, though some other Apps run smoothly. I’m not sure so far if it is problem from Apps (i.e. compatibility issue with Jelly Bean), or it is Jelly Bean I was using is having problem with Kindle Fire (incompatible or poor hardware). I will play with them for a while and post here if I see anything interesting.

Apr 062012

Everytime I looked at an iPad I feel like I want one, but once my hands are on it, I feel … well, no feeling.

Cannot recall if I evern mentioned this before – it’s heavy and bulky. I still prefer the size of Kindle Fire, though I’ve moved to Kindle as it’s far lighter. Right now what I bring for all the day are only two gadgets – my phone (the 4.3″ HTC Android one, cannot recall exact model, could be G10), and the Kindle.

The Android phone gives me all kind of mobile applications (why people need a Pad for that? Isn’t it too big?) and Kindle give me the best reading experience, especially good to my poor eyes. The only down side is that I always need strong lights whenever I’m reading, but for 99.9% of my time it is not a problem.

Mar 292012

Was doing some massive upload (through mail) to my Kindle, and because of Kindle will automatically sync up with the library once connected, so I got ~1000 documents on my Kindle that I do want to get rid of – I only want to download SOME of them to Kindle whenever I want to.

So I put the Kindle on the table beside the keyboard, hit right cursor key, hit down key for 6 times, then OK, and repeat. I did that while I was coding since the Kindle is kind of slow in responding in operation, whhich makes sense as it was not designed to do this kind of job for all the times.

After 2 (!!!) hours I deleted 200~300 documents, which actually was pretty good, then I was tired and want to find some better solution. So I went online searching for some applications … you know the result, nobody’s saying anything about a Kindle “management software”.

Finally I notice there is a USB cable connect my Kindle to the eletricity socket – I kept it charging there as I don’t want to run out battery as those operations ideally will consume a lot power. Then I recalled something, yea, the Kindle can connect to a computer, acting like a USB drive, maybe I can delete from there?

Yes, it works, and it took me no more than 30 seconds to delete rest 600+ documents.

I’m stupid, or stubborn.

Dec 282011

Ok, let’s talk about kindle fire.

It’s cheaper than most Android based tablets (now they are called Pad), but it is powerful enough to be a daily pad for me – email, reading, surfing, and occasional gaming. The screen is big enough to make reading experience comfortable, while it is small enough to slide into my pockets.

Something not quite good – it’s heavy, and hard to hold tightly in hands. I think I need to get a good case to make it easy to hold. Also, lack of Chinese input method is another issue. People posted several ways to get it, but I’d rather like to wait for Amazon’s next update.

Dec 272011

Let’s see what we have now from the Christmas – a Bambook, a Kindle, a Kindle Fire, a Samsung phone (running Windows Phone), pretty much all popular mobile devices are in my house now (yes, iPhone and iPad came from last year).

I can say all mobile OS’s are good enough, though iOS is having better operational features, Aneroid is rich of free Apps, and Windows Phone is just … cute? Sorry I don’t know what can exactly describe it, but its look and feel is nice.

I think I need to spend some time follow Windows Phone while playing with iOS and Android, will be busy.

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