Jan 312013

I’ve done a mod_bcookie to setup browser cookie for Apache, now I’m working on same functionality for Nginx (should copy lots of codes from userid_module), after that I need to see how to do the same thing for Jetty, and with all containers have some sort of same architecture so that I don’t have to write one per container.

And after that I need to implement the same thing to IIS, again, wish I can do something for all .Net versions and for all languages (C# and VB.Net, at least).

I may be crazy, but this is a must since our clients are running all sort of HTTP servers, I wish there won’t be anything new¬† – there should be nobody running lighttpd as I heard of, since most of them migrated to Nginx, and there should be nobody running Tomcat or Resin as they migrated to Jetty. I wish nobody is running node.js but if there is someone … sigh, then I still have to deal with them.

What about those wsgi/fastcgi servers? I don’t know so far, I wish they are not using a shared Nginx as load balancer, otherwise my life will be definitely doomed by writing all those extensions.

Will post result here later on.