Aug 302010

I’m having troubles in managing projects currently in my hands, I think I need to delegate some tasks so that I can focus on the most important thing, but who can do that?

Supposedly there will be 3~4 people get on board in the coming month, and there should be one takes over product line, and the other can take over IT mail, and I will find another one (wish soon) covering consumer mail’s technical side, then I can step back to oversee everything.

What I am doing now:

  • The consumer mail, both production and technical and project management sides
  • The IT (company’s) mail, technical side
  • The universal message system, as a project manager

and in each project there are several routes need to be taken care of …

I’m lazy in hiring recently, I need to cheer myself up and back to energic.

BTW, who’s still reading this blog, would you please post something so that I know I’m not talking to air?