Apr 302012

I just removed a primary backup from Amazon S3 after putting it into GMail, I just wish GMail will be secure enough – whenever I’m saying secure, I mean mails won’t be deleted without being notified in advance, either purposely or not.

I still have backups on other places but none of them are primary, that is, they can be deleted without any reason, and without carefully being watched.

Aug 312010

Got another new project yesterday, I will have to improve the performance of registration letter, which has pretty high failure rate on gmail. Actually gmail has less than 10% market share but what I was told is that all gmail users are sort of “opinion leader”, which means they actively blogging, or as a journalist, or whatever.

gmail believes they are cool, they don’t follow most of the conventions in this mail industry. However, since they take themselves as a hi-tech company, I’m going to solve this problem in hi-tech way.

Or, maybe I’m wrong – to beat hi-tech companies, you always need to use low-tech skills 😀