Aug 022012

Hit the process of registering a new account, played with it and got a new (just for test) address, accidently hit the button changed it to my primary account, then found no way to switch back!!!

Somebody mentioned this to solve the problem, but it doesn’t work to me.

Still trying to dig in to find out proper solution, but if I fail maybe I will give up my old hotmail mail box.


Jan 042012

Somebody (stupidly?) registered a Facebook account with my Hotmail E-Mail address and no matter whose fault it is, it became a live account without verifying the E-Mail address, and I started getting all sort of social event notifications.

So I went to Facebook and do a password retrieval through the E-Mail address, I cannot believe that even a unverified E-Mail address can be used as password recovery, so at last I successfully take over the account and shut it down.

I guess someone is crying now but if I didn’t do that I will be the one crying in the corner, I believe this is Facebook’s fault.

Dec 102011

I still have 2500 mails in my inbox to be distributed into different folders, which is a headache to me. However it is also a good exercise to learn how I was behaving in the past one and half years.

BTW, I think I need to tweet now, it is not a good idea to make my blog too short – kind of unprofessional 😀 .

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Aug 062011

The corporate email system had been put online for two weeks now, everything looks good so far, after we fixed several issues.

All feedback are positive, even from those who found bugs. I’m more than happy to see these.:)

Now we are moving to public email system, this one will be tougher.

Jul 232011

We are upgrading corporate E-Mail system now – it’s our first production E-Mail system :).

It seems there are way too many things to be tested, people are working really hard on that but it still took quite some time.

Now everything had been switched to the new system and we (alright, exclude myself) are busy verifying the system. It takes time, and I’m sleepy here …

Frankly speaking, I’ll pay more attention on public E-Mail system, but I know corporate E-Mail system will kill us sooner or later based on my previous experience.