Apr 302012

I just removed a primary backup from Amazon S3 after putting it into GMail, I just wish GMail will be secure enough – whenever I’m saying secure, I mean mails won’t be deleted without being notified in advance, either purposely or not.

I still have backups on other places but none of them are primary, that is, they can be deleted without any reason, and without carefully being watched.

Jan 242012

This may not be a complete list, but so far I’m playing with all of them:

URL Space
http://www.adrive.com/ 30G
http://www.4shared.com/ 10G
http://www.cx.com/ 10G
http://www.mimedia.com/ 7G
http://www.opendrive.com/ 5G
http://pogoplug.com/ 5G
http://www.idrive.com/ 5G
http://one.ubuntu.com/ 5G
http://www.box.net/ 5G
https://devices.live.com/ 5G
https://www.free-hidrive.com/ 5G
http://www.memopal.com/ 3G
Dec 312011

I’m in the middle of moving some stuffs to Amazon AWS, and the first project is moving back up of my friend’s web site to Amazon as it gets no online access and data volume is not that big. The test seems good so far with my (first year) free AWS S3, I will stop current backup plan which sending data to my personal server in a week or two.

Amazon did great job to ease usage of AWS at least for S3, and based on my limited experience on EC2 it is not that hard to deploy but I still need to figure out how difficult it is to deploy multiple instances in a programable way as this will be the most reasonable way to get things done.

I’m currently on AWS Free Usage Tier, good way to evaluate how much I’m going to spend in a serious project.

May 182009

Forgot to mention that I’ve setup timely DB backup on godaddy, now I need to figure out how to take secondary backup on a remote host, maybe on my home Ubuntu box.

Tried to asked a friend to see if everything got backup there but got no response, I think I’m a little bit bothering now, better keep silient :(.