Oct 262012

Here is the to-do list for the mail/IM setup:

  1. IM message archived to mysql, but need to compose session to mail and drop to mail box to make backup more reliable (mail will be automatically copy to some gmail account)
  2. mail alert is not done, current stage is that I need to determine the right XMPP message type to use, logic-wise I’ve done the design
  3. need a quick design on mail seaerch

  One Response to “To-do list”

  1. IM message archive is done with writing message to mysql, and a cron take ended sessions and compose a mail sending to mail, while maildrop deliver the mail to IM history folder (determined by mail X- header), and at the same time mails are cc’ed to gmail.

    Also tweak roundcube’s password plugin to help people changing password in mail (the only web UI the site has at this moment). What I’ve changed is enable anonymous binding and searching.

    Will start working on mail alert in the coming week.

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