Apr 272012

Migrating various hosts to 12.04, result is half-half – EC2 hosts got upgraded without any problem, I think I’m really lucky in this case as those EC2 hosts are serving live traffic, the VM and bridge host at home failed to reboot after upgrade, it seems the problem was because of boot disk/partition got rename/re-numbered, but I’m not quite sure.

I’ve re-installed VM, weird thing is that there was some free space on the harddisk so I can leave original partition untouched, after installation’s done, I found that I installed to /dev/sda6, while /dev/sda1 still has a bootable Ubuntu 12.04 which I just upgraded. I didn’t pay much attention on what I have done as I was thinking I’m gonna lose everything. I’m working on the bridge host now and will post details here if I find anything.