Apr 202012

I’ve been spending time on various projects in the past several weeks and “context switch” took me way too much time than I was expecting.

So I decided to get things a little bit more sorted, say, consolidate technical platforms to some level so that I can share knowledge among all projects so to reduce the time spending on thinking and searching for solutions.

I’m going to stick on C/C++ for components development and PHP for web site, and use HBase as my backend storage solution. I still need to spend time on mobile platforms (yes, there is a “s” there since I need to cover Windows Phone, Android, and iOS), plus desktop include MacOS and Windows. So overall I will be working on C++/PHP over Linux, Object C on MacOS/iOS, and C# on Windows Phone/Windows. The last unsettled issue is I still have some applications written in Visual C++ (pure native code) and I’m not sure if I should migrate them, but so far just leave it there as I don’t have time dealing with Windows desktop yet.

  2 Responses to “Time to consolidate”

  1. HBase performance sucks, single thread client got latency at ~20 ms, which is in sync with test results from others, I get to find another solution for my project.

    Mayby it’s still suitable for something else, people are telling me use cache to speed up, but then why don’t I go to redis or memcacheDB?

    Oh ya, need to figure out how well do redis support replication and/or cluster, it was not good a while back, but should have some improvement recently.

  2. I took my words back – after carefully checking the test environment I found that the latency of 20 ms came majorily from network due to result being sent between the test client and HBase server, and after making them closer (same switch) the latency dramically went down to ~0.8 ms.

    Tune original testing environment by pick up non-existent keys gave me ~4 ms latency, it’s higher than the number above due to thrift interface sends lot of data I guess.

    Anyway, stick on HBase for now unless I found anything abnormal in the coming days.

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