Apr 202012

I’ve been spending time on various projects in the past several weeks and “context switch” took me way too much time than I was expecting.

So I decided to get things a little bit more sorted, say, consolidate technical platforms to some level so that I can share knowledge among all projects so to reduce the time spending on thinking and searching for solutions.

I’m going to stick on C/C++ for components development and PHP for web site, and use HBase as my backend storage solution. I still need to spend time on mobile platforms (yes, there is a “s” there since I need to cover Windows Phone, Android, and iOS), plus desktop include MacOS and Windows. So overall I will be working on C++/PHP over Linux, Object C on MacOS/iOS, and C# on Windows Phone/Windows. The last unsettled issue is I still have some applications written in Visual C++ (pure native code) and I’m not sure if I should migrate them, but so far just leave it there as I don’t have time dealing with Windows desktop yet.