Mar 292012

Was doing some massive upload (through mail) to my Kindle, and because of Kindle will automatically sync up with the library once connected, so I got ~1000 documents on my Kindle that I do want to get rid of – I only want to download SOME of them to Kindle whenever I want to.

So I put the Kindle on the table beside the keyboard, hit right cursor key, hit down key for 6 times, then OK, and repeat. I did that while I was coding since the Kindle is kind of slow in responding in operation, whhich makes sense as it was not designed to do this kind of job for all the times.

After 2 (!!!) hours I deleted 200~300 documents, which actually was pretty good, then I was tired and want to find some better solution. So I went online searching for some applications … you know the result, nobody’s saying anything about a Kindle “management software”.

Finally I notice there is a USB cable connect my Kindle to the eletricity socket – I kept it charging there as I don’t want to run out battery as those operations ideally will consume a lot power. Then I recalled something, yea, the Kindle can connect to a computer, acting like a USB drive, maybe I can delete from there?

Yes, it works, and it took me no more than 30 seconds to delete rest 600+ documents.

I’m stupid, or stubborn.

Mar 222012

Obviously mmseg4j if great for Java, while libmmseg seems promising for C++, and for PHP … sigh.

I waste lot of time on xsplit, and found that it was doing great marketing as it shows up in almost all search result pages, but to me it just doesn’t work, and some others complained the same thing.

I found php-mmseg is working well, though it was no long active. Actually I believe well-written codes would need less maintenance (think about qmail), so as long as it works I don’t care too much.

Now I’m trying to move from Java to PHP to do the term extraction job, nutch and solr are great, but just too heavy to fit into my world.

Mar 192012

As I mentioned before, I accidently upgraded xcode, and obviously the upgrade (or something else caused by upgrade) broke my previous AWS app – at the beginning it does not build, and after tweak the project file, it refused to run. Instead of doing further more troubleshooting job, I just uninstall and reinstall the whole xcode tool chain, and obviously this is the simple and quick solution (other than Giga data of download).

Mar 172012

You have to admit that you are not a superman, so you could not solve every problem you met, even if they are in same/similar area.

I was playing with MuseScore which is an open source alternative to Overture, however it kept crashing while open some specific ove files. After searching around and reading some posts, you must have guessed what I did – checkout source codes and start building.

It’s fun, I guess that saying was correct – programmers used to want to face problems that hard to solve. Well, this does not mean I can solve the problem :D. After (accidently) upgraded Xcode to 4.3, I have to install a nightly build version of CMake to get rid of the “-buildstyle” problem, then spent quite some time on trying to build mscore from scratch, but so far no luck.

This morning I asked myself, WHY? Let’s forget about what was being debated in my mind, but now I decided to give it up, at last before I can finish my term extraction project which can help me make living, for real.

In the mean while, I will postpone all mobile development for several weeks. Actually I made pretty good progress with Windows Phone 7 development, and it won’t take me too long to finish a WP version for my AWS client, but I want to push it to late April.

Focus please, you cannot solve every single problem you meet.

Mar 162012

What else can I say? It’s ridiclousely slow.

I’m on Excel now, every single copy and paste took me close to a minute, without any reason. I tried to reboot the machine, re-compsoe the sheet, and lots of other tricks that I can imagine, but nothing works. Even Office in the VM on the same box works much faster.

Mar 132012

This is to see how things are working, and try to get some idea to help my term extraction work.

There will be some blank areas from now (till Google team approves my adsense account), don’t feel weird if you see so, and in the future, once you see an ad, click it please 😛 .

Mar 122012

I guess Solr guys will hate me as I posted 3 versions of patches to Jira, just because I didn’t (and I don’t) totally understand how Solr distributed search works.

However, I don’t care too much as I just want to leave some clues on the Web so that anyone who’s facing similar problem as I was (several weeks ago) can get some hints of how to solve the problem. I’m pretty sure everybody has his/her own idea of how to solve this issue since it is pretty particular to one’s domain, and my patch is a good start point.

I don’t want to speak out the name but the one who originally composed distributed search for term vector is … irresponsible. I don’t know if he/she did any test or not, or if he/she understand Solr or not, but that piece of crap got committed to source, proved “more eyes, better quality” just a joke.

Mar 112012

Good to see all connected devices are getting the right time today, and what I need to do is adjust three analog wall clocks.

I read another post, cannot recall details, that somebody had built and been selling Android watch. I think having a Android watch is not that useful unless it is a watch-phone as well, since people still prefer connected on their way, but if some one can build a Android wall clock and use wifi to connect, that wil be great, isn’t it? Think about it – I used to put my cell phone, pad, and laptop in another room while I was watching TV (this makes sense, isn’t it?), and used to forget what I should do which was set up in Google calendar, now if a wal clock can remind me (it’s just there on the wall), that will be great, isn’t it?

Will search around …

Mar 042012

Several things that I need to do but failed (failed means didn’t finish or even not started yet), I tried my best during the weekend but the progress is not that pretty :(.

I didn’t touch solr in the past week for the term vertor problem in distributed search, I’m going to try it out in the coming week but I have no confidence at all.

I do try to set up Windows Phone development environment but obvious I need more resource (read: memory) on either the Windows laptop or Windows VM on MBP, I even upgraded my Windows laptop (an HP) to Windows 7. However, it seems memory is still the problem. My next step is raising the memory for VM on MBP to 4G (later 6G, maybe) to see if it works better, but that will make WP7 development really a occasional hobby as I cannot leave it up and running for all the time. Pity MBP supports 8G memory only, I think under 16G I will have enough headroom for everything.

Playing with Android is still a fun, or maybe funny? hehe. I started working on that but Eclipse’ or Android’s UI designer really sucks, I still need sometime to get used with it. I wish I can get this part done faster as this could be the only platform that I can try without cost.

Since the mail team was kind of slow releasing whatever we want, so I started digging into alternatives to see if I can speed up a little bit – I constantly update and build Android clients and also tried to build up some backend features with open source projects, this involved Postfix, atmail/roundcube, solr, and so on. This part didn’t go well either, mostly because I stuck in the front end features, and turned me back to backend stuffs again, but that means I’m not that helpful to the current project since front end features are much more important, at least at this stage.

Terminology extraction is much better than other projects, at least I finished a demo for JS extraction, it works wel for 95% cases, pity for those 5% leftovers, I cannot do anything about it since they have have either HTML mess up, or JS conflicts (well, maybe I can do something for later one, but not now since this is not a serious project so far).

What else? hmmm … seems almost all batteries @ home are having problems, from cell phone to lawn mower, from blower to iRobot. I did a lot research in the past couple of days on Lead Acid, Ni-Cd, Li-Ion, 12V, 18V, 24V, purchase, recycling, and so on, but good thing is that I’ve put all necessary orders and now just want for those batteries arriving.

Nothing else I think … the office will have network tuned in the coming week, probably I will have to run my own Wifi after that :-$